Hi!  I'm Matt and this is The Production Department

I make stuff.  Lots of stuff.  All of the stuffs.  I like to break it into two main parts; SUPPLY and DYE.

SUPPLY: When you need a service or product, typically in bulk/volume. There are literally no limits to the things we'll make.  Let's bring your dream to life.

DYE: Seasonally curated Garments and Home Goods, hand dyed to spec; individually or in bulk/volume.

*Feel free to mix and match; it's your world, we're just here to help bring it life.



  • Our curated garments and goods are dyed by hand in Ambler, Pennsylvania  
  • We strive to run an environmentally-conscience workplace; keeping our planet, our children and future generations in mind when crafting our business practices.
  • Dyed garments are Ready-To-Wear upon arrival (fully post-dye rinsed, washed and dried with fabric softener)



  • Drive Thru Records / SoCal Regional Record Rep + Mailorder Fulfillment
  • Touring Merchandise Rep / lots of bands, lots of years
  • Red Light Management, Wall Street NY / Assistant Manager
  • Manhead Merchandise / Director of Touring Ops
  • Merch Direct / Director of Touring Ops
  • Superette / VP + Director of Production
  • Merchline + Rivals Group / Director of Production



  • Husband of 12 years with heaps and heaps of heart-eyes
  • Father to 2 tiny humans full of creativity and sass.